Welcome to my page

On this page, you can see what I've done in the past and what I'm currently doing.

Basically I'm a well experienced (17 years+) IT-architect doing robust software system designs, presales and POC's. I'm responsible of the technical design of software solutions for Customers and to make sure that the system actually meets the Customers business needs.

Being internationally employed and thus enjoying the benefit of exclusively having international Colleagues and Clients the recent years, I've gained a fairly solid cross-culture working ability and experience. My everyday working language is today exclusively English due to the same reasons which I have thus picked up to a degree beyond what I would have if I had worked natively in Denmark.

I conduct workshops with Clients internationally either on-premise or virtually to make sure all requirements are captured in the beginning of a project's life-cycle. Oftentimes I'm instrumental from this phase (envisioning) to the final phase (end-user training and handover).

I tend from time to time to be involved in various projects around the world of a more technical manner due to my profound interest in technology. I've always been intriged by what you can do with a computer and a handheld device (phone). And in particular these two in combination. I have for some time now been creating applications for the Windows Phone platform. What a great platform this is (highly recommendable)! Let's hope it catches on as well as the iPhone has...

What makes a good IT-architect?

According to my own perception - a good IT-architect can only come from the "trenches". He must have dirtied his hands with real development work. Due to this belief, I actually spend a lot of time developing production code as well to stay current with best-practices and current technologies. In my sparetime - I try to make ends meet with family life and personal goals (do hit the gym once in a while)...